Baumit UniPrimer

Primer Thermal Facade

Ready to use primer with organic binders
Organic binders, silicone additives, inorganic fillers, additives, water
Glazing and balancing primer of the substrate absorption, helps in the uniform color shade of the final layer and improves the water-repellent properties of the base layer. High quality product with strong, effective action.
General purpose primer, suitable for interior and exterior surfaces, for preparation before coating with Baumit GranoporTop, SilikatTop, SilikonTop, StellaporTop, NanoporTop, EdelPutz, Edelputz Extra, EdelPutopz Spezial Mosum and Baumit mortars.
Density: 1.65kg / dm³
Solid contents: 70%
Color: White
Maximum grain: 0.5 mm
Material consumption: 0.20-0.25 kg / m²
in smoothing / reinforcing layers 0.40 kg / m² in plaster substrates for each layer.