Baumit Premium Primer

Thermal facade primer

Ready to use primer with organic binders.
Organic binders, silicone additives, inorganic fillers, additives, water.
Grinding and balancing primer of the substrate absorption, which helps to uniformly color the final layer and improves the water repellent properties of the base layer. High quality product with excellent results.
General purpose primer for interior and exterior surfaces, for preparation before coating with Baumit GranoporTop mortars, SilikatTop, SilikonTop, StellaporTop, NanoporTop, EdelPutz, Edelputz Extra, EdelPutopitz Moszial and.

CONSUMPTION: 0.20-0.25 kg / m² in layers of smoothing / strengthening 0.40 kg / m² in plaster substrates for each layer.
COVERAGE: 100 m² / bucket 25 Kg 16 m² / bucket 5 Kg
PACKAGING: Containers: 5 kg, pallet: 480 kg 25 kg, pallet 600 kg