Baumit NanoporFine

Thermal Facade Shoe

Ready to use, final finishing layer (thin layer) in the form of a paste for final layer (finish), inorganic, with resistance to staining. Rubber plaster for indoor and outdoor use, by hand or machine. High quality material with excellent application. Element of the external thermal insulation system Baumit open – Die KlimaFassade, EPS, stone wool, mineral foam, XS 022, XPS. Certified according to EN 15824.
Baumit NanoporFine has the ability to self-clean and additional photocatalysis function, for protection against organic pollutants, which are removed by the effect of rain and weather changes.
Thanks to the specially designed micro-surface structure, the special nanocrystalline and inorganic additives, the surface contaminants are significantly reduced as well as the associated algae growth compared to other coatings.
Advanced inorganic binders, inorganic fillers, silicates, microfibers, inorganic pigments and white dyes, inorganic additives and water
Inorganic material, water-repellent, long-lasting, with high water vapor diffusion, stain resistant, non-flammable
Protection and configuration of facades and elements in old and new inorganic plasters and coatings, in concrete, in monuments, in renovations and as a final coating in external thermal insulation systems and in renovation coatings.
Baumit UniPrimer is always required