Baumit GranoporTop

Thermal Facade Shoe

Ready-to-use finishing layer (thin layer), based on synthetic organic resins in paste form, for smooth or coarse sanded surface. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It can be worked by hand or machine. Part of the external thermal insulation system with EPS, XS 022, XPS. Certified according to ETAG 004 and ENN EN 15824. Strong strength and durability.
Organic binders, inorganic fillers, dyes, additives, water.
Polystyrene-resistant material, high hydrophobicity, with water vapor diffusion, easy to clean, with excellent coloring, high mechanical strength and ease of application.

Protection and decoration of facades in old and new plasters, in concrete and in renovation of organic coatings. Final layer of the external thermal insulation system of Baumit with EPS, XS 022, XPS.
Baumit UniPrimer is always required.
(If Baumit SilverFlex is used, no primer is required)