In the MATHIOS REFRACTORIES S.A. group are the following companies:


      The main business objective of the company is the production of refractory materials, while since 1993 it has expanded in the production of hand made stone veneer, innovating in the area of architectural decoration.

      In parallel it represents the largest companies of construction materials and specifically the company SEVES that produces VETROARREDO glass blocks, the company EPI that produces laminate flooring, ECOCENTRO that produces casting tubes and many others. The year 2000 is a milestone for the company. It enters the main market of the Athens Stock Exchange.

      The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 in the areas of R&D, Development, Production and Trading of Refractory, Acid resistant, Insulating, Special building materials and manufactured Stone. Moreover recently it has been registered according to the EMAS norm from EUROCERT S.A. , which is the highest recognition in the field of environmental management systems.

    2. BAU MARKET S.A.

      The market demands led the company in 1993 in the creation of a retail network with a specialization in the field of insulating and building materials. It aims in the prompt service of those that are involved with constructions, repairs, maintenance or remodeling of houses and buildings. The combination of a large product range, the highly trained personnel, the expertise and support are the most important threefold of success of BAU MARKET, offering a complete package of building, insulating and veneering solutions to all the technical professional people.


      The production unit of IDEAL based in Ritsona, Xalkida has as a primary business the production and trading of every kind of refractory materials. It specializes in the production of refractory materials for industrial use covering the following fields:

      • Cement
      • Steel
      • Ceramic
      • Aluminum
      • Glass Power Plants
      • Refineries
      • Wood
      • Food
      • Lime
      • Fertilizers

In the immediate targets of the company is its establishment in Europe as well as in the gulf countries as one of the largest refractory production companies.


  1. Country Germany based in Bochum

    Established: 2002

    A company that has already made its presence felt in the German market, having great sales results. It represents in Germany MATHIOS REFRACTORIES, the Italian company SEVES that produces VETROARREDO glass blocks, the French company ALSAPAN that produces laminated flooring and the Spanish company ENCOCENTRO that produces casting tubes.

    In short we mention some of those:
    Art Coffee Museum- Austria,
    Timberland(clothing retail chain),-Germany,
    Ludwig Beck (shopping center)- Munich.

    The company exports substantial quantities of the product range in neighboring countries like Holland and Belgium.

  2. Country: Bulgaria based in Dupnica

    Established: 2004

    MATHIOS REFRACTORIES founded MATHIOS AD in neighboring Bulgaria, expanding the group¢s manufacturing capacity by 30% , in the area of hand made stone veneer and mortars.

    The factory is based in the Dupnica free zone, having state of the art facilities. In Sofia there are company offices that house the sales department in order to cover the domestic needs.

    This action targeted the supply of the increase demand for hand made stone veneer products, in the European and Balkan markets, making the company the main player in the area.